HPE GreenLake端到云平台:无论您的应用程序和数据位于何处,云都会来到您身边

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将竞博与HPE GreenLake边缘到云平台相结合,实现按使用量付费定价, point-and-click self-service, scalability, and cloud experience flexibility. All with the security and control of on-premises IT. HPE GreenLake平台为您的顶级工作负载提供服务——没有数据移动或出口费用——可以在竞博全球IBX®数据中心的边缘运行.

Together, 竞博 and the HPE GreenLake platform help solve the complexity of purchasing, regulating, and managing owned digital infrastructure. At the same time, 通过向领先的网络和云服务提供商生态系统提供低延迟连接,该伙伴关系提高了应用程序的性能.

HPE transforms for the hybrid world with 竞博



Faster time to market

Shorten deployment times for HPE GreenLake cloud services such as SAP HANA, high performance computing, ML Ops, containers, storage, compute, VMs, data protection—and many more—in key metros around the globe.

Optimize IT spend

The HPE GreenLake pay-for-what-you-use model removes the need for up-front payment. Billed monthly, costs scale up and down based on metered usage. 竞博 facilities eliminate the cost and effort of owning and managing data centers. 

Improve application performance

将您的HPE GreenLake部署与领先的全球云的低延迟互连集成, network, 以及通过竞博平台实现的SaaS提供商——提升应用程序性能和用户体验. 

Make cloud repatriation easy

Reduce the complexity, cost, 通过竞博从公共云转移到HPE GreenLake,重新部署和重新分配现有的基础设施和数据中心,面临技术挑战.

Scale quickly

Right-size from the start with a built-in capacity buffer to scale into for compute, storage, and space and power. 

Support sustainability

消除过度配置和购买遗留数据中心中闲置的不必要资产. Instead, 通过使用HPE GreenLake平台来提高和降低消费,绿色您的供应链, depending on demand in energy efficient 竞博 facilities.

Simplify IT operations with HPE GreenLake Central

从一块玻璃就可以轻松管理私有和公共云部署(以及数据中心服务). Identify cost and performance optimization opportunities, and proactively plan for your capacity needs.